Paroles The Chase de Doomriders

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  • Artiste: Doomriders9365
  • Chanson: The Chase
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Textes et Paroles de The Chase

The chase is on through rains and snow, through forest dense and black
Speeding through lands as yet unknown, our steeds break their backs
The bridles bleed and the saddles burn, but so goes the game
Our skin cracked from the bitter cold, we ride just the same
Time is the only pain we know and we know it well
Possessed to ride forever more across this barren hell
Our legend stretches 'cross many lands and tells of fools through brave
We chased them down on seas of sand, we chased them to their graves
Black horse scream with black tongue as he runs you down
No escape from the massive weight, your face hits the ground
You breath dirt as your body breaks and you soon will die
Another fool has lost the race, we will forever ride

Sixteen hooves beat the ground, your ears explode when you hear the sound

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