Paroles Two-Way Mirror de Double Dagger

Double Dagger
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  • Artiste: Double Dagger51291
  • Chanson: Two-Way Mirror
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Textes et Paroles de Two-Way Mirror

There's no color in this world,
just reflected broken light.
Everything you know is a lie,
everything you know will die.
I don't believe in wrong and right.
I don't live by day and night.
I've got these two-way mirror eyes
That let me wee the world inside.

Let simple men cling to their pride.
You'll never catch me like them,
You'll never see me take sides.
I've got these two-way mirror eyes,
They let me see the world inside.
I've got these two-way mirror eyes.
I've got inverted insight.
Inverted insight.
Inversion is sight.

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