Paroles Hurl A Stone de Downset

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  • Artiste: Downset8939
  • Chanson: Hurl A Stone
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Textes et Paroles de Hurl A Stone

All are guilty of judgment and seeing what we only want to see,
And the dangers of false pedestals is illusive self-moral supremacy,
So quick to magnify the faults inside of one another,
Then the flames of out own darkness can ignite and we become what we fear.
Cast you judgment! Hurl a stone!
Does criticism crush or heal the heads that we oppose,
Because the brothers we see living are the ones we should love the most,
By tearing down another living soul we cannot build,
Arrogance is of no value and what will it fulfill.
Cats your judgment! Hurl a stone!
Let's not fool ourselves our hearts are solid steel and cold-blooded,
With most intentinions to humiliate and to applaud our hearts of darkness,
And when we make honest truthful steps towards compassionate healings
we will have no time to citicize because we will find ourselves the most sickening.
You know it!

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