Paroles Closer To My Dreams de Drake

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  • Artiste: Drake4852
  • Chanson: Closer To My Dreams
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Textes et Paroles de Closer To My Dreams

[Intro: Drake talking]

Mr. Big Dreams no tolerant
Cut you at the house of ? since
Get bored quickly
He stay blowed
So the p-a-trón 'bout to get poured quickly
Ex girl strippin, I can't stop her
New girl trippin but I can't drop her
Cuz I need somethin to balance out the fact
That it's hard to find a woman when you're talented and black
When you hollerin at labels
And they silencing you back
Cuz you fail to thoroughly discuss a violence on ya track
Well, gunshots for the young yacht owner
Seen as everybody else, seen as one top loner
First place is often the worst place
But fuck it I love it here I call it my birthplace
Whenever I walk in they makin the worst face
Surrounded by Phillipinos I think is the worst case
? green diamonds I call it the earth days
I get in ya cake I tell u how your dessert taste
I get a dessert plate, yall eat pedigree as a meal
I been Urkel for some years
It's better being Jaleel
Though I rock, lean, snap
It's better bein as real
It's better drivin a car with the letter B in the wheel
Seat back, light sayin Tank on E
I got the drank on me
You can bank on me
To be the one and only nigga dat you ain' gon see
In the club wit da models spillin drinks on me
Nawh, gimme 20 and a tank on three
I'm in the Range bumpin Keyshia Cole singin off-key like (wuhhh)
And I'ma spare yall, why you wanna judge me?
I don't neva compare yall
The city is mine
I know it cuz I'm there yall
It ain't even started I'm really tryna prepare yall
Drake '07, second quarter I'm droppin
Do it without a label, man I'm committed and poppin
Take ova da summer, tour to tour hoppin
I'ma meet a lot a women, I'ma do a lot of shoppin
Really no other option
Spend a lot a money just to make it back
Anybody I diss in a song I don't take it back
Same rappers that's all in your face sayin Drake is whack
But checkin my availability just to make a track
Uh, I promise momma, I'ma do it cuz I kno I put you through it
I know I put you through it baby
And I just want you to sit around wit ya friends at a dinner table
And say my baby's famous and i knew it
And it wasn't nuttin to it
I've drew ? til da pen run out of fluid

[Outro: Drake talking]

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