Paroles Stunt On You de Drake

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  • Artiste: Drake4852
  • Chanson: Stunt On You
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Textes et Paroles de Stunt On You

[Verse 1]
Its ten o'clock on a Wednesday and I know your home
Driving up and down your street hoping that you come outside
Cause I just got paid and I went and bought the car you wanted
And I just need you to see me (ohh)
Childish as it seems it'll make it all better (better)
Selfish as it is this just ain't about you (no)
Did me wrong every time were together (gether)

And that's why I'm gonna stunt on you
I'm gonna stunt on you
You let me go, little did you know
I could have made it all on my own….

(Thanks to Tonia for these lyrics)

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