Paroles In Flames You Burn de Dream Evil

Dream Evil
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  • Artiste: Dream Evil9100
  • Chanson: In Flames You Burn
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Textes et Paroles de In Flames You Burn

Oh God forbid this bloody war
I see my knights falling one by one
so here I am, in this fight I'm alone
I'm stuck here in this hellhole on my own

Taste the blood, tears of pain
Memories from the past strike through my mind
My royal blood, begins to boil
Deadly wounds can't stop me now, I still stand strong
I just can't die!!!

Surrender is no option for me now
Bless those souls I send to hell
If you dare just look into my eyes
My steel is warm my face is stained with blood

One by one I hit them to the ground
One by one I see their heads roll
Anyone against me taste my sword
Anyone who'll challenge me will die!

You, killed my men, raped my land & you ruined our lives
Still I stand in command in flames you burn!!!!
You will die by my hand forever you're condemned
Cause I am in command in flames you burn

No it's no use for u to beg, I will send u down to hell
I can't die my faith is far too strong
In flames of hell is where u belong

One by one I hit them to the ground
One by one I see their heads roll
Anyone against me taste my sword
Anyone who'll challenge me will die

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