Paroles Discoblood de Drunkard

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  • Artiste: Drunkard5840
  • Chanson: Discoblood
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Textes et Paroles de Discoblood

[Music: John - Lyrics: Savvas]

Kill, rave, trends teaching our metal law
War, fight, death, gaining all hell's control
Scream, loud, noise decibel massacre
Drink booze die, hell is the final goal
Chorus 1: Wear our bullet belts; chainsaw fucking mess
Disco screams at night
pick your arms and fight
Hell, speed, no music for disco ears
Bang, hard, now and hell we will fucking raise
Spikes, saws, axe, choose your way to die
Beer, sex, blood increasing our thrashing rage
Repeat Chorus 1
United we seek the death of their kind
Dressed and perfumed to disco all night
Ok, that's it, a lesson they need
Kill them for pleasure, kill them for free
Gather our hell hordes that has to be done
Loading our shotguns let's kill them for fun
Chorus 2: War against all the trends that disgraced us
Proud and strong we will fight come support us
Bullet belts feel our way feel our chainsaw
Smelling death smelling beer yea discoblood!!!
Long hair attack we vomit in your face
we vomit all over your fucking place
Short painted hair that makes me throw up
But it's not only this it's the whisky I drank...
Repeat Chorus 2

Let's spill
Disco fucking blood…

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