Paroles Shepherd's Commandment de Dying Fetus

Dying Fetus
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  • Artiste: Dying Fetus9153
  • Chanson: Shepherd's Commandment
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Textes et Paroles de Shepherd's Commandment

We have the obligation, to direct your train of thought
Showing what is prudent
Just fulfilling the mandate going along with trendy disputes
You prove our task
A worthy undertaking, funneling your fury

Greed and corruption, things that are below you
Open minded fairness
You think for yourself, pride and being reasonable
Masses echo truth
We declare the incompetent and describe their blunders
We pronounce the majestic shining light on the renown
We proclaim your heroes citing their humanity
We announce the villains and deduce why you loath them
Media slanted bias, can't be real this day
It must be coincidence
Why are some misguided?
Consider our sophistication, how is pop-culture with us?
Going against the grain, just a murky twist of fate
Ordering you to challenge authority, the one of our choosing
Demanding you to worship authority, the one of our choosing

No time to debate, anyone who is beneath us
Not in our refinement, more like neanderthal
Intellectual obscurity, disease of the vagrants
Not for us enlightened, the brains in the room

Everyone thinks like me
We must be are own sheep

Silence all our critics
Dissent can't have a place
Exile them underground

We're not taking sides, just promoting the logical
Why should are careers change what we believe
The goal of being objective endangers what we have faith in
We're the source of truth reporting what you need to know
The duty to guide the quest of knowledge
Framing facts to ascertain the proper conclusion
Helping the ignorant peasants of the populace
Steering simple minds to understand what to ponder

Blameless, on the right side
Influence, justified

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