Paroles Ironbound de Einherjer

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  • Artiste: Einherjer5312
  • Chanson: Ironbound
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Textes et Paroles de Ironbound

Feel the of taste of hate release its bitterness
Caught up in a place to face the fate
From below taken, trapped and tied in chains
Serpent spewing venom from above

The serpent never stop spitting out its searing venom
Not for a minute, not for a moment
Striving not to gasp
Striving to surmount the pain
Striving not to let the woman
know how much her brief run costs

Ironbound - The torture never stops
Ironbound - Held hard, held in horror
Ironbound - The torture never stops
Ironbound - Through bonds of blood

Bound I am with bowels torn from my kin
To bring the torment closer to my eyes
Writhing in pain, causing quakes in chains
Prepare the fall of all, I call to arms

By my hand come the end and the chaos
At my touch the green leaves withers
Hurry to your end
You who ween yourself so strong
I feel a luring lust
to consume the ones who tamed me once

Oath-bound to Odin in blood but beware
If in truth I am gut-bound to rocks
Know that first and last I am
Bringer of death and of doom

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