Paroles Famine de Eleanor Mcevoy

Eleanor Mcevoy
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  • Artiste: Eleanor Mcevoy18795
  • Chanson: Famine
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Textes et Paroles de Famine

An act of god has struck us
An act of faith sustains us
But it seems hopeless
And i feel helpless to you
An act of man has hit us
Worse than any god
And i can't shield you
And i can't shelter you,but

If you're in need of comfort
I will do what i can
If i can't feed your body
I'll soothe it with my hands
If i can't ease your hunger

I'll give you all i have
To nourish and love
To nourish and love
To nourish and love

The country drenched in fever
The"princess alice" leaves her
But i can't send you
And i can't hope to save you
The hunger on this island's
Spread to every door
And i can't shield you
And i can't shelter you,but

Repeat chorus

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