Paroles Eyes Of The Beast de Elephant

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  • Artiste: Elephant33040
  • Chanson: Eyes Of The Beast
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Textes et Paroles de Eyes Of The Beast

Behold the abomination - six hundred sixty six
The offensive stink of effluvium, red clay in human form
Primitive primate, primal pleasure
A violent confusion of phallic urges
The frothing mouth of an upright dog
Civilization divided into predatory packs
Hunters on a food chain exploiting the weak
Only the strongest and the fittest will survive
To succumb to hunger and devour themselves alive

Forsaking the eyes of faith - the spark from a greater fire
Spirit is transpossessed by the purity of idiocy
The soul lies shattered like pitiful trash - the powdered remains of divinity
Humanity degenerates, eroding in depravity
Debased by their perverted lusts, love is now a memory
Hate turns to war, murder is praised, welcome genocide
Premeditated evil justified by the pompous prattle of vain philosophy
Like putrid swine, bastard children squeal in pain - abandoned
Unwanted heirs of a wicked race, emitting their seed in excrement

The rabid brute gnaws its own body
Lacking awareness, soon to perish
In fear, lunacy overcomes illusion
The body deteriorates into dirt
The animal rages in pain
Creators of the planet's industrial technology
Destroyers of same, harbingers of our own demise
Spiritual progression impeded by dreadful flaws
Id conquers Ego, Id conquers All - eyes of the beast

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