Paroles I Stand Accused de Elvis Costello

Elvis Costello
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  • Chanson: I Stand Accused
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Textes et Paroles de I Stand Accused

Girl, I stand accused, people say I love you
Yeah, I stand accused, oh, but what can I do
You belong to some other guy
Hope I never have to testify
If loving you is a big crime
I've been guilty a long time
Girl, I stand accused with no more than a chance
Girl, I stand accused and I got no defense
All I need is a touch from your hand
To find myself on a witness stand
I'd be unable to lie, girl
I got a love that won't die, girl

Tell the world that I was guilty
I wouldn't stand a chance
Tell the world that I was a victim
A victim of circumstance

They might show some mercy if I could explain
Girl, I love you so much that I'm almost insane
You disturbed my balance of mind
I couldn't help what I did at the time
I stand accused and I'm guilty
Maybe I always will be
I need a witness, baby

You disturbed my balance of mind
I couldn't help what I did at the time
I stand accused and I'm guilty
Maybe I always will
I need a witness, baby

I stand accused of loving you
So guilty baby
Oh yeah
I stand accused

I stand accused, loving you
So guilty, baby
Oh yeah

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