Paroles A Bowl Collecting Blood de Emmy The Great

Emmy The Great
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  • Artiste: Emmy The Great24477
  • Chanson: A Bowl Collecting Blood
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Textes et Paroles de A Bowl Collecting Blood

Home is where I thought I wasI must have been asleep.I saw you picking fists of red and greenAnd some of them you keep,And some you throw awayYou always were a wasteYou take more than you needAnd now I'mAfraid to close my eyes,The air is full of ice.Reminds me of the winter in your smile.You looked for what was hisTook what he would givePlayed 'till you were tired,And when you had enoughYou threw him out in the cold like a hair coming off of a brushWhen you were finished you know he was nobody else's to loveAnd I remember he told me every time you touched,Your skin was likeA bowl collecting blood.I know he's gone.I know he went awayI know he couldn't takeThe sight of all those bodies in your wakeYou're pretty like a snakeYou're pretty like the ground'cause once you pull them inYou know they're never coming outSo shake another hipAnd then you take another scalpAnd they go out in the cold like the hair coming off of a brushWhen you are finished you know they are nobody else's to loveAnd I remember he told me that every time that you touchedYour skinWas like a bowl collecting blood.

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