Paroles Go-Captain and Pinlighter de Emperor X

Emperor X
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  • Artiste: Emperor X24482
  • Chanson: Go-Captain and Pinlighter
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Textes et Paroles de Go-Captain and Pinlighter

Pull out your pass and drive.Unmarried spieltiers don't have eyes. We put them under root.We threw them on the basic soil, and the rocks they're going to make...our quarterbacks can't move those chains. GO SEAHAWKS.Our quarterbacks can't move those chains. Go brains.Ten stoplights burning out.Ten stoplights sending shrapnel down in a cloud of mercury.All halogens fall on the streetand make a mess our dogs play inand give strength to children years from now.It makes them iron on their clawsthat they will come to know about. Go langoliers...that they will come to know about. Go mind. Go ears.And they will become pinlighters and smash our space,and they will become pinlighters and know.While I attend FAMU,I'm wondering why I'm not you,and why that light wasn't blue,and why there's no such thing as blue stoplights,and I'm honoring your foodand wandering to pass the time. GO PANTHERS.Young gladiators without guns: GO LIONS.On solar stadiums in the sun: GO JAGUARS,give strength, go-captain.Make sure that you win.

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