Paroles Ghetto Girl de Eric Benet

Eric Benet
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  • Artiste: Eric Benet3870
  • Chanson: Ghetto Girl
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Textes et Paroles de Ghetto Girl

(feat. Me'Shell Ndegeocello)

Ghetto baby
I'm in need of something
That I lost along the way
You know that money's cool
But it makes my world so strange
Now I got ladies talking to me
But they ain't got shit to say
It's like I've come this far just to miss simpler days
I need to feel her tonight
Deeper love with honesty
I've seen a million girls
But there's just one kind for me


A ghetto girlliving in a ghetto world
A ghetto girlI like her 'cause she keeps it real
A ghetto girlshe lets me know just how she feels
There's only one girl for me

She won't never leave me guessing
Always let me know the deal
You know that ghetto love is always on the real
She got inner city struggles
And her blood runs deep in me
So when we make love we feel mad history
Well I'm not trying to put nobody down
In this superficial world
But if you need deeper love
You better find you a ghetto girl


A ghetto girlliving in a ghetto world
(Brother you love who you please)
A ghetto girlI like her 'cause she keeps it real
(But it's a sister girl for me)
A ghetto girlshe lets me know just how she feels
(It's that ghetto love I need)


There's only one girl for me
Girl if they tried
They would see you like I do
Hold your head up high
There's no one above you
With you by my side girl
There's nothing that I can't do
I've been around the world enough for me to see
Boy you best believe
It's going to be ghetto girls for me

Ghetto girl, ghetto girl
Ghetto girl, ghetto girl

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