Paroles Pretending de Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton
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  • Artiste: Eric Clapton2847
  • Chanson: Pretending
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Textes et Paroles de Pretending

How many times must we tell the tale?
How many times must we fall?
Living in lost memory
You just recalled

Working on the sound of the band
Trying to get the music right
Two go out working
Three stay home at night

That's when she said she was pretending
Like she knew the plan
That's when I knew she was pretending
Pretending to understand

Pretending, pretending
Pretending, pretending

Satisfied but lost in love
Situations change
You're never who you used to think you are
How strange


I get lost in alibis
Sadness can't prevail
Everybody knows strong love
Can't fail

Don't be pretending about how you feel
Don't be pretending that your love is real
Don't be pretending about how you feel
Don't be pretending that your love is real

Pretending, pretending
Pretending, pretending

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