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Eric Stuart
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  • Chanson: Home
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Textes et Paroles de Home

She wore her prophecy like a crown,
convinced that her prince would save her from this ghost of a town.
When the factory closed, the economy froze
and there was no work to be found.

He swore that he'd only be gone for a while.
Soon as he could, he'd send for both her and the child.
While the other wives settled in their widowed lives,
she fought to maintain a smile.

Through the wind and through the rain, she held a burning flame.
A promise true, etched in stone, he'd come to take her home.

The first month alone was a struggle to survive.
Then came the day that a letter finally arrived.
He was heading east into the belly of the beast
where he'd heard they were still doing some hiring.

The love she had known was the force that helped her hang on.
Though her outlook was purely what others did surely frown upon.
She knew for her and her son as sure as the setting sun
he'd come and then they'd be gone.

Through the wind and through the rain, she held a burning flame.
A promise true, etched in stone, he'd come to take her home.

He worked the assembly line with its bell-driven gears
and greased the wheels with his blood, sweat and tears,
as he saved every penny he made.

Filled with maximum wage for minimum wage,
he felt trapped like a rat running 'round in a cage
while his heart was still miles away.

That night the storm was the worst that she'd ever seen.
The wind shook the roof and the wallboards came loose at the seams.
With a thunder's roar he came through the front door
and there stood the man of her dreams.

And he said,
Through the wind and through the rain, I held a burning flame.
A promise true, etched in stone, I've come to take you home.

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