Paroles P-P-P-Pow! de Esham

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  • Artiste: Esham10547
  • Chanson: P-P-P-Pow!
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Textes et Paroles de P-P-P-Pow!

(feat. Insane Clown Posse)

Mothafuckas try to play us like we somethin more mysterious
But we be doin wicked shit and murderin you super heroes
P-P-P-Pow with the wicked shit, P-P-P-Pow
We wicked wild, wicked wicked wild, P-P-P-Pow, no doubt

P-P-P-Pow, it's the truest, p-p-p-pow
Who in Soopa Villains illin, p-p-p-pow

[Violent J]
P-p-p-pow, I'ma blow your mouth all the way out
So when somebody stand behind you, they can look out you mouth

P-p-p-pow, time to make another million
P-p-p-pow, purple pushin bubble stealin

[Violent J]
P-p-p-pow, show me murder I'ma show thee the cause
That PCP be havin me I'm breakin laws in my draws

P-p-p-pow, boogie woogie bang bang don't stop
P-p-p-pow, in sync when the glock go pop

[Violent J]
P-p-p-pow, dead body boys all in the lawn
I brings it home and my mama help me bury the bones

P-p-p-pow, you can't stop me now I'm out on the prowl
P-p-p-pow, to the judge if I'm ever on trial

[Violent J]
P-p-p-pow, I'ma snatch your fuckin kidney out'cha stomach
Make you vomit hit the tonic like sonic and get demonic baby

[Shaggy 2 Dope]
You can't play me
You can't play me, bitch
You can't play me
You can't play me, bitch

[Chorus x2]

P-p-p-pow, if you dress up like Osama Bin Laden
P-p-p-pow, to them days when niggaz was pickin cotton

(Violent J)
P-p-p-pow, spittin voodoo on a roller coaster, look at me now
It's E and J, we thought you knew like you supposed to baby, wow

P-p-p-pow, make your body rottin
P-p-p-pow, for plottin to your ass out the gate forever forgotten

[Violent J]
P-p-p-pow, tongue black, eyes red cause we walk with the dead
And if we hit, you probably spit, we take a piece of your head

P-p-p-pow, my styles, big bad wolf, blow your house down
P-pow, Acid rain on the whole underground

[Violent J]
P-p-p-pow, Soopa Villains on the east side, I'm reppin the west
I'm in the vest but I would push you with the cusions to bed

[Some person]
Blowin on the neighborhood coosh
Because it's the best smoked chronic that the ???

[Violent J]
P-p-p-pow, where Monoxide rollin around
We pickin Rudy up in Purple Prince, and Pacy parkin P-P-P-P-Pow

[Shaggy 2 Dope]
You can't play me
You can't play me, bitch
You can't play me
You can't play me, bitch

Now let me tell you this while the clock is still tickin
These niggaz still trippin, bitch still lickin dickin
I slipped another clip in, you step to me I'm rippin
Bullets your flesh, rippin your bloddy body trippin
See back in Detroit, I be like always dippin
Signed with Psychopathic and I'm still transistin
A bullet to your cranium, you nonexistent
My gat be on fire like the horse from Detroit Pistons

[Chorus x2]

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