Paroles Tears Of Autumn Rain de Eternal Tears Of Sorrow

Eternal Tears Of Sorrow
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  • Chanson: Tears Of Autumn Rain
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Textes et Paroles de Tears Of Autumn Rain

[Music: Kylmänen, Lyrics: Puolakanaho & Veteläinen, Arr: Eternal Tears of Sorrow]

It's autumn night, the pale moon reveals my emptiness
And my hollow wrath and fear inside
I close my eyes to sense her nightly lust once again
But my rage and thirst won't fade away

The nightly mist, the scent of autumn in my heart
I can hear the winter's song again
My will of life falls away like golden leaves
I'm just a flame who dies in shades

Let me feel your pain, tears of autumn rain
Words of blood on the shore: "There is light no more"
Freezing gale of the night silenced the stream of life
Lay us down to sleep on the crimson leaves

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