Paroles Scorpio de Eternity X

Eternity X
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  • Artiste: Eternity X6403
  • Chanson: Scorpio
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Textes et Paroles de Scorpio

Let me paint a picture for you
The silence is all you can hear
And as you walk into this lifetime
You tend to recognize your fears

And ss your faith grows to self pity
And as your hands they sweat and shake
For the first time that you need me
You ask forgiveness for mistakes

Don't you know that you have to run away inside
I'm the one that you ripped apart
You ask me for forgive your burning soul again
Now you will feel the sting of the Scorpion

Underneath I'm tides of burning passion
Cool and calm is always what you see
I will conquer everything I dream of
How dare you think of haunting me

Yes I'm the one you look to in times of need
I'm the one who will turn your pain into laughter
I never forget kindness anytime at all
I'll remember it forever after

Don't ever think that I'm not hearing you
Your changing, forgetting your native son
If you choose to forget my warning
Then you will feel the sting of the scorpion
Of the Scorpion
Of the Scorpion
Of the Scorpion

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