Paroles My Dearest Darling de Etta James

Etta James
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  • Artiste: Etta James8229
  • Chanson: My Dearest Darling
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Textes et Paroles de My Dearest Darling

All I need
Is someone like you
My dearest darling
Please~love me to
Within my heart
I pray your answer's yes
I'll make your life
Full of happiness

I'll be there by your side
Oh,I pledge my love to you
With God as our guide..

Unh~my dearest darling
I offer you my heart

Oh, yeah whenever you need me
I'll..I'll be there by your side
Oh~I pledge my love to you
With God as our guide

Oh nothing,nothing,nothing in this world
Can keep us apart
Unh~ my dearest darling
I'm offering you my heart

Unh~my dearest darling...

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