Paroles Fear de Extrema

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  • Artiste: Extrema4982
  • Chanson: Fear
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Textes et Paroles de Fear

Think it's gonna come
Another terrible thunder
Makes me wonder
What (spirit) first came over me...

(I) Think It's gonna come
So what are you going to do?
Just think if there is no hope?
When fear comes over you

Repeat two times 1st verse

Without the lightning, It's coming from above
Oh Jeezus Christ
Earth Rumbles from below
Surface tearing up the fold

Women and children are the first to be saved
As Mother Nature lays into its prey
From creation to destruction, tell me what does it all say?

From the beginning of time
When Jesus drank the wine
Creating chaos after Christ, why did he have to die?

Fear from the sky...
I don't wanna Die...

Too many things we can't explain
Live or die it's all the same......

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