Paroles Horror Metal Moshing Machine de F.K.U.

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  • Artiste: F.K.U.33067
  • Chanson: Horror Metal Moshing Machine
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Textes et Paroles de Horror Metal Moshing Machine

Again we've arrived with a mission to fulfill
To kill the stage and rape your ears
A merciless death, a strike of the beast
The most awesome shit you've heard in years

The metal is raw, the volume is loud
We shred and then we kill the crowd
Because we're F.K.Ü. and it's futile to resist
Our horror metal mosh with a twist

Get in the pit, you have to commit
If you're not moving, your head we'll split

Alone in the dark you'll die by the sword
'Cause we are the unstoppable force
We kill on command, we march into fire
And hit the road with Ghoul and Engorged


The horror metal moshing machine
Has arrived to crush you all
The horror makes you shiver in fear
And fall dead on the floor
The horror metal moshing machine
Will eliminate your life
The horror and the metal combined
Will slit your throat and kill you
Till you motherfucking die


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