Paroles Wake Up Screaming de F-Minus

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  • Artiste: F-Minus10843
  • Chanson: Wake Up Screaming
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Textes et Paroles de Wake Up Screaming

Production of deadly chemical arms
lusting for power, battle lines drawn
troops in position battalions await
sowing the seeds of our inpending fate
ashes to ashes, bodies to burn
censeless and endless they never learn

wake up screaming
wake up screaming
wake up screaming
wake up screaming

a bomb the life from mother and son
god is a bullet, heaven a gun
superior fashoned from nuclear waste
the well has been poisened just have a taste
we had all the peace money could buy
thats over now, we're all gonna die

wake up screaming
wake up screaming
wake up screaming
wake up screaming

[repeat all]

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