Paroles Launch Pad de Failed Attempts at Facial Hair

Failed Attempts at Facial Hair
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  • Artiste: Failed Attempts at Facial Hair48414
  • Chanson: Launch Pad
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Textes et Paroles de Launch Pad

Fireworks on the Fourth of July
Aren't as interesting as the ones that I see when I close my eyes
Colors react like water in verbidium
And you're standing there right in the middle of 'em
Signal comes in, sharp as a tack
And the fireworks start fading to black
I open my eyes, but you aren't there
So I turn my attention to the ones in the air

They were nothing but smoke and flashing lights
I'd much rather be looking at the sky at night
Lying on back and counting on the stars
From Orion's Belt to Ursa Major
From the supernovas to all the moon's craters
You ain't here with me, maybe that's where you are

And now, it's sad but true
That every single Tuesday in June
I turn my head and wait for you
To fly across that bright summer moon
But every night, it's the same
I'm so jealous of the clouds and airplanes
That get to be up so close to you
'cause I think they get a better view

Gonna find a way up there, way up high
Wishing I could just take to the sky
But gravitational pull does its best to keep me here
I want to look at the earth from way down below
But I have enough trouble just saying hello
Let alone penetrating the atmosphere

When you and I talk, it's like planetary equinox
But it doesn't matter what I do
I'm gonna need a launch pad to get closer to you

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