Paroles R N R de Faith no more

Faith no more
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  • Artiste: Faith no more3025
  • Chanson: R N R
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Textes et Paroles de R N R

Don't put that thing too close to my head
It took this long just to get ahead, he says
He knows for sure, but that he can't decide
Between his decency and this matter of pride
So he's growing up on time, he's growing up in the middle...

And it burns, and it burns, the sun burns
Oh, now I can really feel it. How could you ever stand it?

We've got the same ideas, we got the same old fears;
Different colors sometimes, but hey, who cares?
It's just years that shears our lives apart, like the
Time you tried to teach your nephew to fart, he couldn't do it. PUSH!
So he's growing up on time, I'm growing up in the middle...

Oh, now I can really feel it. How could you ever stand it?
I'm not the kind of person who would say it, if it wasn't the truth
And then you go and tell a friend that her heart's on fire
And it has no meaning.
Now and only now I know the difference when you tell me
There is no difference.
So she's growing up on time, she's growing up in the middle...

Now's the time to evaluate between the love you give
And the love that you take.
"It's not a matter of opinion, when it comes down to it,
It's just a difference of opinion, that much I can take."
So I'm growing up on time, I'm growing up in the middle...

And it burns

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