Paroles Lay Of The Land de Fall (The)

Fall (The)
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  • Artiste: Fall (The)11845
  • Chanson: Lay Of The Land
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Lay Of The Land de The Fall

lay lay lay, etc Armageddon this beautiful tree boo hoo give up living ample eye they give in On the buses, up the stair by the television pretend to learn Where's the lay of the land my son Where's...

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Textes et Paroles de Lay Of The Land

lay lay lay, etcArmageddonthis beautiful treeboo hoogive up livingample eyethey give inOn the buses, up the stairby the televisionpretend to learnWhere's the lay of the landmy sonWhere's the lay of the landmy sonWhat's the lie of the landmy sonThe last Briton on the streethe's in a radio fuzzhe's dead and beatno longer reflects our daft fatewe'll leave this cityhit a quick coach, take the town in Surreythere's no one here but crooks and deathcurb crawlers, of the worst orderWhere's the lay of the landmy sonWhat's the lie of the landMy sonEldritch housewith green mosssound of ordinary on the wavestiles drip from its roofhome secretary has a weird lookWhere's the lay of the landmy sonWhat's the lie of the landmy sonThe good Book of Johnsurrounds the sonsound of ordinary on the wavesitalic scribble on horizonwhen the height of culture is a bad stewspace bores, government disorderIndian clerk, low calorie drinkwhere's the lay of the landwhere children circle in cyclesgiving jokes ad libby bearded writerswho defected tohigher realmsadvertising realmsWhere's the lay of the landmy sonWhat's the lay of the landmy son(People laughing..people fighting..people watching)

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