Paroles Mare Tenebrarum (sea Of Shadows) de Falling Cycle

Falling Cycle
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  • Artiste: Falling Cycle11893
  • Chanson: Mare Tenebrarum (sea Of Shadows)
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Textes et Paroles de Mare Tenebrarum (sea Of Shadows)

You left us here to watch /The celebration of a lonely heart I still remember that day you left / So vivid in my mind And now he sleeps in a lonely room / Emotions running in the night Only memories of the past / It's all we have There's nothing left for me / There's nothing left for me to hold / A distant memory To have it back / When you were here There's nothing left / There's nothing left for me to call my own / A distant memory Now only time / Now only time can make it worse / Never be the same And now he sleeps in a lonely room / Emotions running in the night Only memories of the past / It's all we have

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