Paroles Fast Enough de Fastbacks

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  • Artiste: Fastbacks12071
  • Chanson: Fast Enough
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Textes et Paroles de Fast Enough

Now you think that you could be the something that I could see
So why don't you just look at me and tell me that you're going free
All I said that you would find is what it is that's on your mind
You will crack and very soon your guitar will slip out of tune
Now you've found out at long last that things are going way too fast
Well in my case I guess that's tough cause things aren't going fast enough
Chips are down speaking choking the d/b too hot
The mold is broken what it is what I said was left better unspoken
Speed not my command when you're knocked down
You will not stand my fortunes told
And it's been cast and you'll be left in the past

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