Paroles Paranoia de FBF

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  • Artiste: FBF12147
  • Chanson: Paranoia
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Textes et Paroles de Paranoia

Chills running down your spine
The doors and windows locked up tight
In vain, in vain
I'll be there tonite

Lock the doors, hide the phone
run, run away
Don't dare leave your home
We're after you today

(paranoia paranoia)
Paranoia, just for you
Paranoia, after you
paranoia, what to do
Paranoia, when we're thru

Man, living down the road
Tapping your telephone
In vain, In vain, am I right?

Paranoia, in your head
Paranoia, want you dead,
Paranoia, What they said
Paranoia, hiding in your bed

Get a gun call the cops
That's not really your cat
They found your hiding spot
There's a camera in his hat

The mailman is FBI
The doctor's selling pics
From every single checkup
you've had since you were 6

Paranoia, just for you,
Paranoia, after you,
Paranoia, when we're thru
Paranoia, what to do?
Paranoia, try to hide
Paranoia, stay inside
Paranoia, tell no lies
Paranoia, Until you die
Paranoia (hide) paranoia (hide) paranoia (hide)

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