Paroles Ghosts Of Time de Fear My Thoughts

Fear My Thoughts
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  • Artiste: Fear My Thoughts12156
  • Chanson: Ghosts Of Time
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Textes et Paroles de Ghosts Of Time

Pump all the fluids inside your flesh - cut your skin
Keep fighting the worst enemy of yours
Pump all the fluids inside your flesh - cut your skin
Enjoy your new born reflection

Let us spit
In their face
Let us just enjoy our long life
Their decay
Not for me
I'll be defeating time

Eternal youth eternal life
Fighting ghosts of time and age
Eternal youth eternal lie
Fighting ghosts of time

Pump all the fluids inside your flesh - cut your skin
Beauty it has to hurt sometime - they say

See myself
So perfect
That I could almost cry
Not average
Nor out of mind
I'm just living my dream

Watch them all drown in the streams of time
I won't be harmed of these passing years
Watch them all break - burden of age

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