Paroles Forever Green de Felice Brothers (The)

Felice Brothers (The)
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  • Artiste: Felice Brothers (The)28177
  • Chanson: Forever Green
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Forever Green de The Felice Brothers

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Textes et Paroles de Forever Green

Well my shirt is sweatyIn my smoky ChevroletReeling from cocaineI hear crickets talkingNow I hear pool stick chalkin'I must be in some bar room babyWell the band that's following meI can hear them hollerinDyin' to catch meI could run foreverIf you'd undo this leather strapped around meOh please take me up to your roomYour Grandma was a country singerI'd love to have seen herMaking some bar room swingI can see you doing thatIf you had a Stetson hatAnd an electric guitar to sing withMay you stay forever greenLike the country between usFar after our hands unfoldAnd I bid farewellIn that old stairwellLeadin' to the narrow roadOh please take me up to your room.

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