Paroles She de Fields Of The Nephilim

Fields Of The Nephilim
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  • Artiste: Fields Of The Nephilim9213
  • Chanson: She
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Textes et Paroles de She

Closer we serve her
Further we stay
Lost in the winter
Ghosts of today
Keep calling,
Keep crying her name
Keep calling,
Keep walking that way
When the rain has gone
And I'll wipe those tears away
Play the game with God
It'll wash those years away
Tears have turned to ice
(turned to ice)
Feel you by my side
(hear you cry)
Want to hear you cry
(not alone tonight)
Not alone tonight
(by my side)
Where is she?
(where is she?)
Where is she?
(where is she?)
We were never really here
We are waiting for the rain here
And the rain will come
(gonna wipe those tears away)
Rain wash away your fear
And I'll lay you down
(gonna wash those years away)
Rain could it a thousand years (or We could live a thousand years)
And when the rain has gone
(it'll wipe those tears away)
Washed away are all your sins
And rain will fall
(It'll wash those years away)
You and I were never there
Tears have turned to ice
(tears from your eyes)
No one here but I
(only dreams survive)
Nothing can survive
(Thought you'd never die)
Want to hear you cry
(Thought you'd never lie)
Tears have turned to ice
(tears from your eyes)
Be the butterfly
(be the butterfly)
Never close your eyes
(close your eyes)
When I hear you cry
(Echoes through the ice)
(Tears from your eyes)
(searching all my life)
(to only say goodbye)
(now I hear you cry)
Just return to life
(She returns to light)
Only dreams survive
(only dreams survive)
Echoes through the ice
(echoes through the ice)
Can you hear me... cry?
{I'll be watching over you now}
{I'll be watching over you now}

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