Paroles Legacy Of Hate de Fight

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  • Artiste: Fight9218
  • Chanson: Legacy Of Hate
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Textes et Paroles de Legacy Of Hate


Raised by you,
You made me.

In your shadow,

Like Father
Like Son

Mirror of your image.
Victim of your damage.

Like Father
Like Son

Like Father
Like Son

You gave me nothing
Like Father
But these memories are full.
Like Son
Is the back of your hand,
Like Father
All that I'll pass on?
Like Son

Here's what you've created.
And wasted.

Like Father
I want to know why.
Like Son

Like Father
The way that you treat me,
Like Son

Like Father
Eats away at your soul.
Like Son
And what's left is your conscience,

Like Father
That's a cancerous hole.
Like Son

I want to know why?
What I have done?
Where you a victim?
The cycle goes on

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