Paroles Breakdown de Five

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  • Artiste: Five3503
  • Chanson: Breakdown
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Textes et Paroles de Breakdown

Breakdown (are you looking for a breakdown)
Shakedown (maybe a shakedown baby)

If you're looking for a breakdown
If you're looking for a shakedown
I can feel it in the air tonight and it feels all right
Didn't see it comin'
And it's something that I can't deny
It takes me high
But I know that I'm not afraid, not gonna hide away
I feel alive
Oh yeah yeah

If you're looking for a breakdown
Where the kicks are comin' for free
Where the mood is right
And the beats are tight
You can kick it with me
If you're looking for a shakedown
Where the mix is on the money
You know, I know that you can kick it with me
Everybody howdy howdy, shake your booty, move your body
Everybody make it rowdy that you can kick it with me

Hey girl I can see it to that you're feelin' rude
Are you comin'?
'Cause you know that I aim to please
That's the way it is (yeah)
Swing your fine self around to me
And I'll make you see I feel alive
Yeah oh yeah yeah


Baby, can we, get up, on it?
Better tell me, do you, want it?


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