Paroles Dark Dimension de Fleshcrawl

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  • Artiste: Fleshcrawl9242
  • Chanson: Dark Dimension
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Textes et Paroles de Dark Dimension

[music: Stefan, Mike, Bastian / lyrics: Bastian]

Into the dark dimension we drift
Accelerating decay
Speed of life fastens so swift
The black hole dragging in
Dark dimension, we hail to the one
Imprecating upon good
Never realized the meaning of pain
To our hearts, to our souls

The cryptic carnal race
Feeling the dead, keeps dancing our souls into our graves
Forever gone, apocalyptic view of what will be
Enrichment of our lives by the pain we share

The dark dimension will rise
The dark dimension will rise

Reality slips, the ground is giving way
The human end, controlled by hate, together we'll face our death
Defeated by ourselves, so cold and dead
Dark dimensioned nation, utopia

The dark dimension
The dark dimension will rise

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