Paroles Sugalumps de Flight Of The Conchords

Flight Of The Conchords
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  • Artiste: Flight Of The Conchords12786
  • Chanson: Sugalumps
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Textes et Paroles de Sugalumps

Let me tell you...I see you girls checkin' out my trunksI see you girls checkin' out the front of my trunksI see you girls lookin' at my junkThen checkin' out my rumpThen back to my sugalumpsWhen I shake it, I shake it all upYou'd probably think that my pants had the mumpsIt's just my sugalump bump-ba-bumpThey look so good, that's why I keep them in the frontAll the ladies checkin' out my sugalumpsThey drive the ladies crazyAll these bitches checkin' out my britchesPut 'em in a trance when I wear track pantsMy dungarees make them hungryThey're over the moon when I don pantaloonsMy sugalumps are two of a kindSweet and white and highly refinedHoneys try all kinds of tomfooleryTo steal a feel of my family jewelleryMy candy balls cause a cafuffleThe ladies, they hussle to ruffle my truffleIf you party with the party princeYou get two complimentary after dinner mintsGirls surround me when I'm standin' on the stoopGivin' me gifts like free chicken soupBook tokens, free chicken stoopStandin' on the corner goin' ss-ah-ss-ahWe see you girls checkin' out our trunksWe see you girls checkin' out the front of our trunksWe see you girls lookin' at our junkThen checkin' out our rumpsThen back to our sugalumpsChillin' in my store, doing my thingWhen in walks a guy with his dick in a slingI'm like, "holy shit, what happened to you?"He said, "how much will you give me for the family jewels?"I said, "ten bucks"He said, "no way""Ten bucks and frisbee?"He said, "okay"And I took his sugalumps and put them up in a displayAnd sold them as hacky sacks later that dayAll the ladies, they want a taste of my sugalumpsSweet sugalumps, yeahAll the ladies, they want a taste of my sugalumpsSweet sugalumps, yeah

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