Paroles Be Kind to You de Forest Sun

Forest Sun
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  • Chanson: Be Kind to You
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Textes et Paroles de Be Kind to You

What is it about dilapidation that holds such a strong fascination?
Things fall apart and our broken hearts keep us coming back for more.

What is it about self-destruction that claims such a strong alibi?
Suffering so cool make an artist and a fool our own enemy against our allies.

Won't you be kind, be kind to you.
Won't you be kind, be kind to you.

What are these numbers anyway? Haze in a bucket, fiddlesticks on parade.
Raggedy dawn encrust the dance of the day, put the details together trust the words to change

Won't you be kind, be kind to you.
Won't you be kind, be kind to you.

What are you putting yourself through? Who are you selling this world to?
Why are you settling for making do, when you can have so much more?

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