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Frames (The)
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  • Chanson: Look Back Now
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Textes et Paroles de Look Back Now

Looking through the valley floor

I saw a changing man

And all the places they were

And as I walk beside you now

I feel there is no more we can say

But I'd never do nothing to hurt you love

And if we look back now

And see how far your tiny ship has come

And if we look back know

We see how willingly some bridges burn

You know I think its a shame

You don't talk at all

Maybe you just don't hear me call

But I've been doing very well

I play those games no more

I'm just getting on

But I'd always come running to catch you

And if we look back now

And see how easily these tables turn

And if we look back know

We see how willingly some bridges burn

And if we look back now

Maybe we can forgive ourselves for all we've done

For all we've done

And if we look back now

And see how far your time of rest has come

And if we look back now

We see how willingly these bridges burn

Bridges burn

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