Paroles Thinking Back de Frank Hamilton

Frank Hamilton
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  • Chanson: Thinking Back
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Textes et Paroles de Thinking Back

I can't not look back
'Cause as the rain drips off the windscreen
I wish I didn't cause a scene, but
I think i'd rather have a heart attack
Than walk away from something real
trying to say it's no big deal, but

Thinking too much just fucks things up
and it always will
And caring too much
has made this stupidly hard, stupidly hard for me.

I can't not think back
To drving with you next to me singing along happily
And it hurts to think that you're probably doing that
With somebody else, with anybody else

We thought too much
and it fucked things up
Like it always does
And i cared too much
and it's made this stupily hard, stupidly hard

But it's not like there's nothing else involved
but it's hard to sit back and let it just unfold
When i know there's something there
We both know that something real is still there.

And (?!?!) now we've got to stop
just be friends and carry on
But i'm pretty sure we'll end up back where we were
though i could be wrong.
And it's just the thought you could forget just how god damn happy we could be.
If the circumstance was difference but it's not
So we'll just have to wait and see.

'Cause i know that something real is still there
But maybe just for me

(Thanks to Imogen for these lyrics)

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