Paroles Kono Dare Mo Inai Heya De (translated) de Gackt

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  • Artiste: Gackt13996
  • Chanson: Kono Dare Mo Inai Heya De (translated)
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Textes et Paroles de Kono Dare Mo Inai Heya De (translated)

You call out to me in the quiet
When i looked back you aere always near
You were just shy
I touch you with my fingertips

The beginning is always sudden
On the street corner, I loved you
You were just...smiling
Looking at me mysteriously

When I ran across your broken, slender body
Not even traces of your gentle smiling face were left behind
Because if I wake up it'll take time to speak about the reason for my tears

Why in this empty room
Is my body shaking
Tell me...

In that small voice that's starting to completely dissapear
I can't forget you, calling out my name
If I turn around, it'll just like that time and you're still here

Why in this empty room
Is my body shaking?
Tell me...

Why in this empty room
Are the tears overflowing?
Tell me...

One more time I want to hold you...

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