Paroles All You Need To Know de Gamma Ray

Gamma Ray
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  • Artiste: Gamma Ray2782
  • Chanson: All You Need To Know
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Textes et Paroles de All You Need To Know


I came from the sky on the coldest day
They tough me to speak and to walk and obey
Injected their will into my simple kind
Forever to be in control of my mind

Let me out, let me out and walk away
Let me live on the run
Let me out, let me out and make me stay
For my kingdom to come

I'm the one with no name
And I won't play your game
I'm no light in the dark and no savior
Let my powers unfold
And before I get cold
Let me die as a rebel
Or live as a free man at last

I seek no forgiveness for taking my turn
I don't beg your pardon
It's time that you learn
That I'm non-conform
And I hate the norm
And I wish your world away
I'm falling to pieces sometime

[Chorus x2]

Free at last

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