Paroles As heaven is wide de Garbage

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  • Artiste: Garbage2756
  • Chanson: As heaven is wide
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Textes et Paroles de As heaven is wide

Nothing that you say will release you
Nothing that you pray will forgive you
Nothings what your words mean to me

Something that you did will destroy me
Something that you said will stay with me
Long after you're dead and gone

If flesh could crawl my skin would fall
From off my bones and run away from here
As far from God as Heaven is wide
As far from God as angels can fly

If holy is as holy does
This house will burn straight down to Hell
Take it's concious with it as it falls

Nothing said could change the fact
My trust was blind you broke the pact
If God's my witness God must be blind


I wish

Take it back I dare you take it back
No you can't you should have thought of that
What's inside a man that goes so wrong

Choke on guilt that's far too good for you
Say one word I'll laugh and bury you
Leave you in the place that you left me


I wish I could fly

  "Garbage [#4]"

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