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Gavin Castleton
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  • Chanson: Lemon
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Textes et Paroles de Lemon

I'm saying this with one voice - I'm not trying to express these views with a bunch of extra tracks of me agreeing with myself. I'm not going to employ the mob mentality to try and sway your opinion - I'm going to hold up a mirror to the music garbage we've been swimming in… if this were the nation's general sentiment then this record would not have to be an independent.
First and foremost you need to understand this:
hip hop is a lemon automobile built for short distance - it's not built to last unless you keep it behind glass
And if you do you may just find that
without the overwhelming need for unity
In your Low-income community
Sampling one bar of an obscure record, looping it, and blurting out forced rhymes over it in 3 minute increments is not all that FRESH
In fact, FRESH is not all that fresh
In fact, it's played…
In fact, without a catalyst your battle is ov-er. Your purpose is abridged - you are no longer a community, you are just a dot com
Still brandishing your sword but you never hit anyone because everyone is too bored to fight.
The sooner you realize this and sheathe your penis, the sooner we can get back to making music. I'm not trying to be a hypocrite; this is the only rap you get
'cause I'm not gonna waste a whole record expressing what history proves to be blaringly obvious.
Those that complain about MC overpopulation and co-opting of urban culture should consider this:
It's a user-friendly medium
A paint-by-number
Discount madlibs
You just insert buzz words
Call that shit adlib
Now you have a story with so many holes
it sounds like a Wu Tang radio edit,
but you have a pocket that's full of gold,
so you will not regret it, but people WILL forget it
your tattered Swiss cheese pile of repetition
roll for dolo, chickenheads, and word is bond
my third eye, my niggaz, and you know my steez
and my personal favorite, you faggot MCs

It's great to see such a glaring example of bigotry be so ruthlessly overused in an art form founded by a race so plagued by racial slurs that it had to employ them in order to diffuse them.
It's great to see African Americans giving homosexuals, a people who are suffering similar prejudices and blind hate the same opportunity to assimilate its own branding terms.
I especially like the part where you joke about that whole respect for women crap. I would've thought you were serious if I didn't hear you referring to wack MCs as being feminine or vaginal and holding stupid girl jobs like actresses or nurses. I agree whole-heartedly! - girls are cool to dance and have sex with, but get them away from that M I C puhleeeeeeeeze.

It's not a coincidence that hip hop and pop are only separated by a few letters. Both of them are boring, self-affirming un-progress
Square tires in cement mud
Sound tracks for cemeteries
Form without art
Public address without message
A gathering of great mimes.

I'm asking for a resurgence of melody and substance. I'm asking for American music to quit crowding itself
Jump out of the ditch
Challenge a listener
Motivate the youth to help themselves
Turn music from distraction to action
Life's too short to stay in four/four
Hip Hop is too stagnant to be doing what's been done before.

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