Paroles Ovary Z's de Geggy Tah

Geggy Tah
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  • Artiste: Geggy Tah14455
  • Chanson: Ovary Z's
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Textes et Paroles de Ovary Z's

I'm dreaming that I am awakeListening to music that's repetitiveAaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhSurrounded by world leadersBabies in their bellies theyTake off their pantsAaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhBut I am only dreamingAnd nothing is repeatingAs I close my eyes to seeA seal of blood. I believeI'm dreaming that I'm awakeGetting up out of bed I beginTo do a belly danceAaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhPregnant with the rhythmThe moon spills my watersAs I wet my pantsAaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhI'm dreaming that I'm bleedingBut it doesn't hurt at allIt lubricates my dancingSlowly swimming somersaultsBut I am only dreamingAnd I'm not really dancingAs I wash up on shore and seeA sea of blood I bleedListening to her heartbeat (listening to it repeat)Listening to it repeatCoiled behind her navel (ovary z huevos)Slowly becoming complete

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