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Generation X
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  • Chanson: The Invisible Man
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Textes et Paroles de The Invisible Man

Everywhere he goes
Everything he does
Everything proves to him
That he don't exist for them
Cos they don't understand what
The invisible man understands

Everyday he tries
Every night he dies
Looking for someone like him
Someone who don't walk by him
Someone who knows what
The invisible man understands

He doesn't sell cars
He doesn't sell clothes
Never famous
And know one knows

Stick and stone ain't hurt him
You can dance on his grave when he's gone
But the invisible man will still touch your hand
Until you understand what he wants

Do you think you know him
Do you think that you know him
The lies and deceit you give
The curses and cries you give
Do you understand what the invisible man understands

Invisible man do you understand
Maybe it is you?
Invisible man do you understand
Maybe it is you?
Maybe it is you?
Maybe it is you?
Maybe it is you?
Maybe it is you?

Do you think you understand
Do you think you understand

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