Paroles Happy de George Michael

George Michael
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  • Chanson: Happy
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Textes et Paroles de Happy

First you take off your hat
Then you-take off those brand new shoes
Say 'Hey George, what've you got to lose?'
With my hand on your thigh
I just look you in the eye and say
'Not a whole lot baby
But a whole lot more than you'

I can make you happy (yeah, yeah)
Don't you know that?
She said
I can make you happy
Boys and Girls
The ones who kiss and tell
Why should we have to believe them?
No, I don't understand
How any woman, how any man
Can say 'Lay me down, lay me down'
For that big stash-cheap cash-think about the money

I can make you happy (yeah, yeah)
Don't you know that?
He said
I can make you happy

I've seen you in the corner
With your rub-it-on tan
Hitching a ride
Could be a woman or a man
Gonna get what you want before too long
Gonna take your opportunities
Right or wrong
Some poor cow with a seven-year itch?
You don't dig men
But you'll fuck'em if they're rich
You can't be-with me
You're a lowlife, daughterofasonofabitch

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