Paroles To be forgiven de George Michael

George Michael
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  • Chanson: To be forgiven
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Textes et Paroles de To be forgiven

I'm going down
Won't you help me
Save me from myself
I hear the sound of the memory
Maybe time will tell

Suddenly my life is like a river
Taking me places I don't want to go
But like all good men who swin too well
It takes all thet I have just to cry for help
Then that voice in my head tells me no

I'm going down
Won't you help me
Save me from myself
I hear the sound of the memory
Maybe, who can tell ?

Let me live my life beside the river
Take me to places where a child can grow
And then maybe the boy inside will forsake me
Maybe the child in me will just let me go

I'm going down
The cold, cold water is rushing in
I'm going down
And I would beg to be forgiven

If I knew my sin

  "Older [#7]"

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