Paroles I Wasn't Fooling Around de George Strait

George Strait
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  • Chanson: I Wasn't Fooling Around
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Textes et Paroles de I Wasn't Fooling Around

I wasn't fooling around
Everything's true that I said
So take me seriously
Darling, please just take me
I wasn't fooling around

Laugh if you want to
But I wasn't joking
About this love that's so real
Is it surprising
I'm romanticizing
About the way I feel

I wasn't playing around
I'm not a kid anymore
I'm not the clown
That's just here to amuse you
I wasn't fooling around


I wasn't fooling around
It wasn't like that at all
So take me seriously
Darling, please just take me
I wasn't fooling around

I wasn't fooling around

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