Paroles It Ain't Cool To Be Crazy About You de George Strait

George Strait
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  • Chanson: It Ain't Cool To Be Crazy About You
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Textes et Paroles de It Ain't Cool To Be Crazy About You

(Dean Dillon, Royce Porter)

I thought you and me were something special
Thought you thought that way too
Now I know that this old boy just ain't the
best you think you'll ever do

It ain't cool
to be crazy about you
It ain't suave or debonair
to let you know I care
like I do
It ain't smart
to be so reckless with my heart
I should've known right from the start
I'd end up like a fool
believe me it ain't cool

All of my friends they tried to tell me
what and what not to do
It took a while for them to sell me
but finally they got through


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